30 before 30

I originally set myself the challenge of visiting 30 countries before I turned 30 (I’m currently 28) but I ended up travelling a lot more than I expected last year, and so I’ve now already completed that. Deciding this was no longer the challenge I thought, I have changed it slightly…

I will now be aiming to visit 30 capital cities before I turn 30, which will be on 26th November 2021. So far I’ve been to 23, with 2 more booked for this year. I only class myself having visited if I’ve actually explored the city, rather than passing through or touching down in an airport and leaving straight away.

Below I’ve listed in alphabetical order the capital cities I’ve visited so far, along with the three I have planned and a few that are high on my list to visit. If anyone has suggestions or tips for the cities I’m looking to visit please comment below or drop me an email!

Visited: Amsterdam, Bern, Bratislava, Bucharest, Budapest, Cardiff, Cape Town, Copenhagen, Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, Ljubljana, London, Paphos, Paris, Prague, Reykjavik, Riga, Rome, Saint Helier, Santa Cruz, Stone Town, Vienna

Visiting this year: Madrid

Want to visit: Berlin, Belgrade, Warsaw, Tallinn