There’s nothing like filling in a map to realise how much of the world you haven’t seen. But I’m using it as motivation – this map is officially a work in progress.

According to the app Been (which is my latest app addiction) I have seen 11% of the world. Not good. I’ve covered 36% of Europe, which sounds slightly better, but still means there is 64% of it that I haven’t experienced.

I love to travel, and I really love to experience life the locals way whenever I can. Whether it’s finding a tucked away brunch spot in a quiet corner of Milan, a romantic candlelit restaurant for dinner in Bratislava or learning to barter at the local market in Ubud, I try and make the most of every minute I spend in the country I’m visiting.

So for now, I’ll be documenting my trips, tips and future plans whilst I try and colour in as much of the map below as possible!

amcharts (3)